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Paperboard in rolls

Through the 2 mayor sources of job lot of paperboard in rolls, we provide different types of paperboards to paper converting companies in Central America. Within these types there are SBS, CCKB, CCNB, Kraft Paper, Bond Paper, Wax Paper and High Gloss Adhesive Paper for labels.


Based on our past experience of supplying masterbatch, we will reinitiate supplying it by the end of 2014. We intend these to be from a reliable and well known manufacturer of masterbatches for extrusion of film, injection and blow molding.


We also supply raw materials for the candy manufacturing industry, plastic industry and paper converting industry. Such as: citric acid, sodium silicate, glucose, UV varnish, industrial oils and lubricants, and others.

Industrial Equipment and Parts

Throughout the years our customers of the raw materials we supply, induced us in supplying them with equipment and parts they utilize in their industry; since, we are considered to be an access door to the rest of the world. Such as; plastic extruders for film and lollipop sticks, plastic bag making equipment, printing and die cutting equipment, paper cutters, UV coaters and candy manufacturing equipment. Also, we occasionally supplied parts for heavy road equipment (forklifts, tractors, pay loaders, etc.)

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